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Rampart AI™ interviews leaders in the cyber and application security world on a wide range of topics to help you stay secure.

FastChat Episode #12:

Securing The Now: Navigating the Latest Breach & Cybersecurity Terrain

  • Overview of recent breaches and cybersecurity challenges.
  • Strategies and best practices for navigating the evolving cybersecurity landscape.
  • Insights into emerging technologies and approaches to data protection.
  • Expert advice on proactive measures and effective response to cyber incidents.

Special Guests Hector Monsegur, Cyber Security Expert, Thought Leader, and Security Researcher, along with Lee Krause, CEO of Rampart AI™

FastChat Episode #11:

Securing the Future: Exploring Automated Application Security and Its Evolving Role in Cyber Defense

  • AI's Crucial Role: AI is essential in cybersecurity to address increasing malware instances, automate processes, and enhance response speed and accuracy.
  • Challenges in AI-Enabled Security: Overcoming challenges such as dynamic adaptability, behavioral analysis adoption, and ensuring safety, robustness, and scalability is crucial for successful AI integration in cybersecurity.
  • Machine-Driven Cyber Warfare: The future envisions a machine-driven cyber warfare landscape, necessitating investments in autonomous defense tools and training for effective human-machine interaction.
  • Proactive Future Preparedness: Organizations must proactively invest in AI and education, fostering strong alliances with universities to align the education system with the evolving cybersecurity landscape for future readiness.

Special Guest Dr. Ehab Al-Shaer a Subject Matter Expert on security analytics and automation, and a distinguished career professor at Carnegie Mellon University

FastChat Episode #10:

Benefits Of Removing Application Bloat: Why it's important & how to do it, with special guest: Douglas Schmidt Professor of Computer Science, Vanderbilt University.

  • Application bloat refers to unnecessary files, dependencies, and code in software.
  • Removing bloat can improve efficiency, reduce attack surfaces, and enhance security. Different types of bloat include feature bloat, excessive memory usage, and disk space waste.
  • Automation tools are crucial for identifying and removing bloat during development and deployment.
  • Microservices and minimal container sizes contribute to better code management and system efficiency.

Special Guest Douglas Schmidt Professor of Computer Science, Vanderbilt University

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FastChat Episode #1:

Want to know more about the future of application security? Listen to this fast chat with Lee Krause, an industry leader in the security world and CEO of Rampart-AI™, as he explains what's next and what we can all be doing better to defend our applications.  

Special Guest Lee Krause, CEO of Rampart-AI™


FastChat Episode #2:

Application Hardening, the DevSecOps toolchain, and the Atlassian Confluence vulnerability all in under 10 min. 
Jacob Staples, CPO of Rampart-AI™ explains the patch-oriented approach many businesses are taking, its repercussions, and the solutions business can look towards.

Special Guest Jacob Staples, CPO of Rampart-AI™  

FastChat Episode #3:

In this fast chat on malware, Rampart AI's™ CEO Lee Krause, discusses the rising threat of dormant malware that activates after deployment, using the SolarWinds attack as a case study. Explore the importance of runtime monitoring, behavior models, and a layered approach to secure applications effectively.

Special Guest Lee Krause, CEO of Rampart-AI™

FastChat Episode #4:

Listen to this fast chat with Hector Monsegur where he talks all things static systems, issues facing the industry and how he got into the world of computers to begin with.

Special Guest Hector Monsegur

FastChat Episode #5:

How does security fit into modern applications? Dive into the DevOps revolution with CSO of Cybereason Inc. and President of Cybereason Government Inc. Sam Curry.

Special Guest Sam Curry

FastChat Episode #6:

So Many Security Tools: Why are there still issues? With Dr. Jules White Associate Dean of Strategic Learning Programs at Vanderbilt University School of Engineering.

Special Guest Dr. Jules White 

FastChat Episode #7:

Software Bill Of Materials Explained: Professor Douglas Schmidt of Vanderbilt University talks with Rampart AI™ about the Software Bill of Materials, static vs. dynamic systems, and the reason why a list of your application's ingredients can help gain insight.

Special Guest Professor Douglas Schmidt


FastChat Episode #8:

The difference between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning With Special Guest: Dr. Eugene Santos.

Special Guest Dr. Eugene Santos

FastChat Episode #9:

Building Trust & Customer Confidence: Marketing's Role in Application Security With Special Guest: Red Curry, Reco VP Marketing & Cyber Strategist.

Special Guest Red Curry