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Comprehensive Dashboard

  • Rampart™ dashboard provides
    continuous monitoring
  • Vulnerability Insight
  • Full Stack Trace provided during & after anomalies events

Rampart™ Provides 

  • Threat Detection for both known and unknown vulnerabilities
  • Application Safeguarding
  • Improves Reliability and Resiliency 

Watch Rampart™ in Action

  • Watch two instances of the same Java web app, one unprotected and one protected by Rampart™
  • The protected endpoint remains secure, while the unprotected one is easily compromised
  • Rampart™ detects and blocks suspicious activities, preventing the exploit and safeguarding the system

Count On Rampart™

To showcase Rampart's™ fortifying capabilities we released intentionally vulnerable applications, Rampart™ has protected these applications since their release on June 1st, 2023.


Take A Deep Dive On Rampart™

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