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21 Questions LIVE! at RSAC 2024

What are we still doing wrong with cybersecurity? Plus, what is Rampart AI™ all about?

Lee Krause CEO of Rampart AI™ answers those questions on the latest episode of The Cyber Ranch Podcast with host Allan Alford.

How to Build Resilient Business Application:

Want to know more about the future of application security? Industry leaders in the cybersecurity space came together to talk about creating resilient applications that stay running through all the world throws at it. 

Panelists: Lee Krause, CEO of Rampart-AI™, Hector Monsegur, Director of Research at Alacrinet, and Sam Curry, CSO, Cybereason Inc.

AI’s Emerging Capabilities:

Want to learn more about the connection between AI and the security world? This webinar focuses on the benefits, issues, and overall power AI like ChatGPT is bringing to the table.

Speakers: Sam Curry VP, CISO Zscaler, and Dr. Jules White Associate Dean of Strategic Learning Programs, Vanderbilt University School of Engineering.